Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Secret behind Quantum Leap Buzz?

Pattern-Based Analytics - a powerful new approach to data analysis. Pattern-Based Analytics provides unique insights into the full complexity of real world data and it does this without requiring deep mathematical skills. The Quantum Leap® Pattern-Based Analytics (PBA) suite of products enables transparent, flexible discovery, visualization and analysis of informative patterns in large, complex data environments. More information about Pattern-Based Analytics can be found at here.

What is a pattern? - A pattern is a group of low dimensional data records from a high dimensional data set. Examples include: frequent patterns (clustering), infrequent patterns (anomaly detection) and sequential patterns (time series).

Who are the customers of Pattern-Based Analytics? - The customers of Quantum Leap® Pattern-Based Analytics include the US Navy and several prestigious healthcare and life sciences organizations such as NYU Langone Medical Center and Mylan Inc. 


Why is search important for social media monitoring?

The first step of using a social media monitoring tool is to select right keywords that are related to your objectives. You will get many irrelevant tweets or you will miss those tweets that are relevant for wrong keywords. Quantum Leap Buzz bridges the gap between search and monitoring and allows users to explore and discover the best keywords to monitoring social media.


What are the key features of Quantum Leap Buzz?

The Quantum Leap Buzz technology based on PBA is uniquely capable of isolating key themes that may be hidden within social media sources through the automatic discovery of key patterns. PBA provides the basis for automatic filtering, organizing and fusing social media data to more accurately monitor and analyze the people, content and sentiment of conversations across diverse social media environments.


In addition to Facebook and Twitter, will Quantum Leap Buzz support other social media sites?

A survey shows that Facebook and Twitter generated about 90% - 95% of social content in 2011. Quantum Leap Buzz is considering supporting Google+ and LinkedIn next. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to tailor Quantum Leap Buzz to your business needs through an engagement.


Is Quantum Leap Buzz able to access historical data?

Quantum Leap Buzz can access historical data for up to two weeks. Buzz can be extended to access all historical data through an engagement. However, when using scheduled searches, the results of of these searches are archived on the local machine. For example, one could track discussions about a brand before and after a marketing campaign.


Who are the customers of Quantum Leap Buzz?

Buzz has been downloaded by users around the globe. Buzz is currently being used by the one of the largest business publications in the world to identify key globally emergent themes as a regular feature in their daily publications.


What are benefits of Quantum Leap Buzz as a desktop application (vs. cloud application)?

The benefits of a desktop application can include better performance, more features, better data protection solutions, and lower costs. We expect the price of Quantum Leap Buzz to be much lower compared to other high end products for social media monitoring.


Are there any usage limits for Quantum Leap Buzz?

Quantum Leap Buzz has no usage limits for the number of queries (also known as topic profiles) and the number of mentions. The number of mentions will be determined by the popularity of the keywords and rate limits enforced by each social media site.


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