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Quantum Leap Buzz (Buzz) is a new social media search and monitoring application that discovers interesting and specific themes that may be hidden within a vast ocean of Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. Buzz goes beyond simply presenting all tweets/posts associated with a set of keywords that most other products do. Instead, using Quantum Leap’s proprietary Pattern-Based Analytics technology, Buzz automatically discovers new sets of more refined keywords that can be used to identify previously unknown and often surprising themes. Buzz “talks to you” just as you can “talk to Buzz”. 

Buzz filters and organizes tweets and posts into topics and themes via instant searches and also enables the monitoring of emerging themes over time via scheduled searchs and Twitter Direct Message alerts. Buzz integrates people and location analysis associated with the discovered themes, including theme level sentiment analysis and monitoring. Please see the Features page for an overview.

1. All you need to do to get results is
Enter your Search term(s)
and click
 Search Button

Your results will open in a new tab with your search term as the label.

But you do have some options:

2. Expanding the search Optionsallows you to:

  • Set the minimum number of "Supporting Posts/Tweets" you want the software to require when creating themes.

  • Edit the "Number of Topics" to be automatically identified.

  • "Apply User Specified Topics" to organize results into pre-defined topics.

3. Choose to search Twitter, Facebook or both.  If you choose both, your results will be divided into two tabs.
Search Screen

4. You can refine Twitter results by searching near a defined region by clicking on place Button 

When searching TWITTER ONLY: Enter your city, state, country, point of interest (Taj Mahal, Lincoln Memorial, Empire State Building), etc. and click Find.  Adjust the search radius as needed.  The map will automatically zoom to your location.  You can also click directly on the map to select a location and can use the map tools to zoom in and out as needed. Click OK to save your location. 

Search Near a Place 

You will see your location listed beneath the Search box on the results tab as seen below.  For more information on the location results, please see the Places section.


NOTE: This function is not currently supported when searching Facebook.
If you have Facebook selected when you perform your search, you will get a message that says:


In the new tab, as the tweets are collected, you will see a Social Network growing before your eyes.

As it is building, you can mouse over nodes in the Social Network to see who influencers are.

See the People section for more details about the Social Network.



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