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Clicking on the People tab from the results screen brings up the social network of the 2500 tweets collected on "obama healthcare"

You will see a list of tweeters in the column on the left. (if you were reviewing facebook posts, you would see a list of facebook accounts on the left)

As you can see in this example, @guybenson's tweet was mentioned the most times.  Clicking on his row centers the social network on his account, and pops-up a window with his account summary and his tweet.  You can see all his mentions highlighted in yellow in the network.

Clicking on the > next to @guybenson would open up a center panel with his tweets.  We will show this in the Facebook example below.

This example is sorted by Mentions.  You can sort the results by Tweets to see the person in this network who posted the most tweets.

Social Network - Twitter

Below is an example of the social network view of Facebook results.  The table on the left lists the People, # Posts, # of People who liked the post and the number of posts within the search results Liked by that person.  The center column shows the posts by the person highlighted after clicking > .

You can sort the results by People, number of Posts, Liked by and Likes.  When you finish inspecting the social network of people, click the button below the Twitter tab: return to search results

  Social Network - Facebook


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