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As we mentioned before, in order to analyze data within a defined region, click on place Button

This funtion is only available when searching for data in TWITTER.

In this example, we are searching for tweets about "Obama healthcare" within 2,500 miles of St. Louis, MO.  This gives us coverage of the continental US and then some. 

You may choose to enter a city, state, country, point of interest (Taj Mahal, Lincoln Memorial, Empire State Building), etc. and click Find. 

The map will automatically zoom to your location. You can also click directly on the map to select a location and can use the map tools to zoom in and out as needed.

Adjust the search radius as needed

Click OK to save your location.

Searching US

You will see your location listed beneath the Search box on the "obama" results tab. 

You will also see that a new option appears.  in addition to Analysis, People and Tweets, you now have a Places tab.

You will see that you have a Places option with every Theme as well

Results - United States

Places theme
Clicking the places button will replace the summary of topics and themes with a map view.

You see a visual depiction of how the tweets are distibuted across the US.  The East coast appears to be the most active in talking about Obama healthcare in this search.

You can click on the map to use common map funtions such as panning, and zooming in and out.  

Highlighting the United States in the list on the right, you see that 2,241 of the 2,500 tweets collected were in the US.  mousing over the number 2241, you can see the breakdown of positive, neutral and negative sentiment.

United States
Clicking on the + next to United States shows the breakdown of tweets across the states represented in this data.

We can see, for instance, that 266 over the tweets came from California. Clicking on the > next to California will open up the list of tweets in the center panel.

Clicking on any state in the list to see the breakdown by city as well.  Please see the example below


Here you can see that Ventura, California had the most tweets at 65. The tweets from Ventura are shown in the middle panel.

Mousing over Ventura on the map highlights it in blue and shows a summary of the tweets. 

When you are finished reviewing tweets by places, click the button below the Twitter tab: return to search results
Ventura California 


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